This Top-Rated Amazon Propagation Station Is Only $ 15

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Sure, you could head to your nearest garden center and pick up an adorable little plant for your windowsill or something bigger to add to your backyard, but there’s much to be said about growing your own greenery instead of buying something brand new. It’s much easier than you’d think, too, especially if you already have houseplants lying around. With propagation, you can simply take a cutting from your favorite succulent, herb plant, or vining pothos plants and try to grow something in water.

According to the brand, this propagation station is perfect for most plants including pothos, African violets, and herbs. The set comes with an extra tube just in case one breaks in transit, as well as a tube-cleaning brush so you can make sure your cuttings aren’t sitting in moldy vessels under the sun. The wooden frame of Ivolador’s propagation station is sturdy enough to stand alone on windowsills, or even hang on the walls if you plan to use it as both a home decor piece and propagating device.

In fact, many use it as mini vases when they do not have plants to propagate, and reviewers say they like putting single-stemmed roses or tiny bouquets in each tube. Its compact design also works perfectly for people with limited space in their homes. One shopper loved how the station allowed them to add some green to their tiny bathroom, and that the mounting and set up process was easy. “Whether you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing [way] to propagate [your] plants or a modern vase, I would recommend this, “they wrote.

Another reviewer even described it as a combination of “function and form and joy.” The shopper said the station is well designed and not prone to tipping over when the tubes are filled with water, and that it works well for pathos and wildflower cuttings. “This item brings me joy to look at while doing dishes,” they added. “It allows for multiple cuttings in a small, tidy-looking arrangement.”

While the propagation station comes with five tubes, you can also grab a three-tube version for a less intense propagation job. Shop the sets now at Amazon starting at $ 12 to add even more greenery to your home this spring.

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