Tips for preventing carpet dents

Rug dents can leave unpleasant areas on the carpet in your home. In some cases, the problem can be so severe that homeowners or property owners decide to replace the carpet because they cannot fix the dents. However, proper carpet maintenance can go a long way in preventing dents.

Here we will give you some tips to help you prevent this problem in your own home. This could mean a longer life for your carpet. Keeping the same carpet for a few more years can lead to big savings.

The perfect combination

One of the most important things you can do to prevent dents in your carpet is to choose the perfect combination of carpet and padding underneath. Get to know the types of carpets you are considering. Some simply have a naturally longer life span. For example, woven carpets, although more expensive, will last years longer than tufted carpets. Choosing a shorter pile (the yarn that makes up the carpet) will mean that your carpet will be easier to care for. Contact your dealer to find the right pillow for your carpet. They can help you.

Pad tips

We have some quick tips to help you choose the padding that works best for your carpet. By following these tips, you can prevent carpet dents in your home. Don’t buy a thick pillow just because it feels more pleasant to walk on. The fact that they are resilient can allow your furniture to sink deeper into them. Over time, all kinds of dents can form on the carpet. Choose flatter and stiffer packing. One of the best is an extruded foam backing.

Furniture Tips

There are several ways to make sure your furniture won’t damage your carpet. Use furniture cups or planners underneath the legs or legs of your furniture. On carpeted floors, these discs better distribute the weight of each furniture leg, so you don’t have to worry about each leg or foot sinking into the carpet. You can also move furniture regularly to avoid dents. You can simply move your furniture a few inches from its current position every few months to prevent dents from forming. By far these two are the simplest tips for preventing dents in your rental home or property.

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