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Your bedroom can be the most important room in your house. Sure, the living room, dining room and kitchen will probably get more attention from your family and guests, but your master bedroom is where you spend most of your time sleeping, resting and getting ready for the day. For these reasons, it is worth spending time and effort to decorate your bedroom in a stylish yet relaxing way. Use these tips from the design experts at Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Tucson to create your perfect bedroom.

The color palette that you choose for your bedroom is one of the most critical aspects to create a comforting aesthetic. Although bright colors, such as orange and red, may be the ones you like the most, they probably will not help you sleep well at night. With this in mind, it is wise to stick to a color scheme that is soothing and calm. You absolutely can not go wrong with pure neutral colors, such as white, cream, gray or brown. But discreet blue, green and even yellow would also be appropriate in a relaxing bedroom.

Pros: If the lack of bold color choices on the walls feels a bit flat or uninspiring for your taste, incorporate a variety of textures and patterns into the accessories, such as a woven rug, wicker baskets and detailed pillows to create personality and charm to the space.

Decorating your bedroom with all your favorite accessories may seem like a good idea (it’s your most personal space after all), but taking in too many items can make the room feel small and crowded. Less is more. Instead of displaying a lot of knick-knacks on your dresser or filling every inch of the wall space with photographs and artwork, choose a few pieces that are meaningful and that visually give a power. This rule also applies to furniture; if a chair or lamp does not contribute to the aesthetics or functionality of the space, it should not be in your bedroom. Leaving some empty space on your walls, bedside tables and floor is the secret to making the space feel bigger, brighter and more inviting.

If you are not looking forward to crawling into your bed every night, it may be time to upgrade your mattress. Even if your mattress appears to be in good condition, it is recommended that the mattresses be replaced at least every ten years. When it’s time to go shopping for a new mattress, do your research. Along with setting a budget and reading reviews online, it’s good to try new mattresses in person, if possible. If not, find a mattress that has a good warranty and a replacement policy to ensure it meets your needs when you take it home. Most importantly, choose a mattress that is large enough for you to get the best night’s sleep without overwhelming your room. When you are unsure, measure, measure, measure!

When your bedroom is clean and organized, it is easier to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another day. Including lots of storage solutions can make it easy to keep your bedroom tidy all week. Some good bedroom storage options include:

  • Trash cans to slide under your bed
  • Bedside table with cabinets and drawers
  • Baskets to make your bookshelf look elegant
  • Wardrobes for everything from clothes and shoes to bags and accessories

Just as the color palette in your bedroom is important, so are the accessories you choose. The objects you bring into your bedroom should help the space feel more calm and soothing. Here are some calming elements that are worth inviting into your bedroom.

  • Potted plants: Plants can add color and texture to your bedroom while removing harmful toxins from the air and helping you reduce stress.
  • White noise machine: Put the device away and listen to quiet sounds that make it easy to sleep and relax.
  • Scented candles: Place a light scented candle by your bed to make the space feel (and smell) fantastic.
  • Plush pillows: Arrange soft accent pillows on your bed and chair to create a space that feels as good as it looks.
  • Blackout curtains: When it’s time to sleep, too much light can make it difficult. Combine blackout curtains with dreamy curtain panels to help you sleep like a baby.

If you are struggling to realize your vision for your bedroom, consult a professional designer. In addition to giving tips on the best color schemes, fabric choices and design trends for your bedroom, a design expert can also guide you on which furniture gives you the most value for money, how to arrange furniture and the best ways to use the wall. hangings. When you are unsure, it will make the process easier to get help from a professional.

For everything you need to create your dream bedroom, the knowledgeable team at Ashley Furniture HomeStore is here to help every step of the way. From mattresses and bedroom furniture to storage solutions and other accessories, we have a large selection of home furnishings that will surely meet your unique style and budget. We are proud to offer the best in quality furnishings and exceptional customer service to make your furniture shopping experience as smooth as possible. Visit us online today or come by one of our comfortable local showrooms to see how easy it is to turn your regular bedroom into your own personal getaway.

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