Tremont tour of 12 amazing places to visit


From a climbing gym to one of the best breakfasts in town and a cozy bookstore, this area has something for everyone.

Tremont, one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods, is exploding with personality – and opportunity. The leafy streets are home to chubby squirrels and quiet walkers as well as quirky cafes, eccentric bars, unique experiences and historic sites. Spend an afternoon or evening eating, drinking, touring or even climbing the following 12 spots.

1. Climb Cleveland: In this more horizontal than vertical climbing experience, participants conquer climbing walls without harnesses. The resort also offers yoga and dance classes. 2190 Professor Ave., 216-906-4186,

Climb Cleveland

Coat and dagger: This vegan craft cocktail bar and restaurant is tucked away, but stands out thanks to its unique concoction and atmosphere that whispers the academy with its leather-bound books and atmospheric decor. 2399 W. 11th St., 216-795-5657,

Visible ballot papers: This bookstore feels like a cozy loft made for relaxation. Come by to look for a rare find – or rent the whole place for a private evening with pizza and wine. 2258 Professor Ave., 216-961-0084,

Visible ballot papers

4. Christmas Story House: You will feel a wave of nostalgia when you see the Christmas lights all year round and the immediately recognizable yellow exterior. Of course, the infamous leg lamp proudly appears in the windshield. 3159 W. 11th St., 216-298-4919,

5. St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral: The oldest Orthodox Christian church in the state of Ohio stands proudly in Tremont with a magnificent exterior and even more impressive interior. The church is also a landmark for film lovers, having made an appearance in the 1978 classic The deer hunter. 733 Starkweather Ave., 216-574-4886,

6. Affogato Cat Café: Join a room full of cats for coffee, vegan pastries and enough cat-themed decorations to make you guess your home decor – and your dog. Even better, the café has helped nearly 700 cats be adopted since 2019. 761 Starkweather Ave., 440-941-5130,

AffoGATO Cat Café

7. Evie Lou Boutique: This sophisticated boutique offers exclusive shoes and clothes designed to be as comfortable as they look. And owner Kim Crow always wants to give fashion help. 2509 Professor Ave., 216-696-6675,

Evie Lou

8. Dante: This maze of a restaurant offers American food, brunch, sushi, indoor and outdoor concerts and more. While the main level boasts elegant décor and intricate chandeliers, the lower level displays classic rock icons. 2247 Professor Ave., 216-274-1200,

9. Lucky’s Cafe: Enjoy the brunch heaven and quirky decor at Lucky’s Cafe. The wide selection of caffeinated beverages and sweet treats make it the best place to take your friends on a fun morning out. 777 Starkweather Ave., 216-622-7773,

10. Hello and dry: This restaurant / bar offers craft beer, arcade games and duckpin bowling, making it the perfect place to relax and watch the Browns match with friends. 2221 Professor Ave., 216-566-9463,

11. Convergence continuum: Live performances are back in a big way at the Convergence-Continuum Theater. The non-profit collective holds close, personal and intimate productions in this theater with 50 seats. 2438 Scranton Road, 216-687-0074,

12. The tree house: The Irish Pub sits proudly on the corner of College and Professor Avenue. The bar has been flourishing for over 20 years and has live entertainment every Sunday and a giant twinkling tree overlooking the bar. 820 College Ave., 216-696-2505,

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