Understanding H2O at Home: Can You Really Make H2O at Home?

H2O at home is a direct selling company founded in 1997. They started in France and opened a store in the US in 2009. They offer clean, non-toxic, environmentally friendly related products for a variety of purposes. In addition, they offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to generate income from marketing their company or its products.


H2O At Home offers natural home care, organic personal care and natural home scent. They provide products using their “3 E concepts”, Efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use… Their products are not only effective, but more importantly, safe! Therefore, you no longer need to worry about your child getting harmful chemicals in your home!

  1. Natural home care – They have several home care products in this category, but overall it is designed to save you money, ban toxic chemicals, give you the ability to clean with water and their non-toxic chemicals, use less product to get the job done, make the process cleaning is faster and easier, and includes only natural ingredients. Such items include their clay cleaning kit for things like ceramics or ovens, limescale remover, laundry cleaning power, and more.
  2. Organic Personal Care – This category includes face, body and hair care products, as well as microfiber bath towels and accessories, all made from 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  3. Natural scent for home – All products in this category are made with 100% natural essential oils to ensure a safer home and save you money. Includes aromatherapy, aroma extracts, essential oil diffusers and more!


The question still remains; Can You Really Make Money With H2O At Home? To answer this question accurately, we need to examine their compensation plan, which is very addicting and addicting!

It looks like there are 4 ways to start making money with H2O At Home, like personal sales, sales to team members, bonuses and rewards. I’ll explain them briefly below!

  1. Personal sales – You can receive commission from 25% to 40% on all your personal sales.
  2. Sales team members – With this payment, you can receive 10% of the sales of your personally registered downline members.
  3. Bonuses – They offer a quick start bonus, which entitles new members to earn up to $ 400 in rewards within the first 60 days or personally enroll someone on their team.
  4. Awards – This is not necessarily a payout, however you can earn between 10% and 15% of the sales of your product in a free product. That’s right, it’s free!

In conclusion, yes, you can make money with H2O at home!


For some, this is the most important question before joining H2O At Home or any other similar company! It is important to remember, however, that any business requires some kind of start-up fee! However, this industry tends to be much cheaper to start up than in a traditional business that can cost around $ 30,000!

To get started with the H20, you need to purchase one of their Business Starter Kit!

  1. Business kit – USD 99.00
  2. Executive Business Kit – $ 230

With both kits, you can get a personal website to help you promote and grow your online business for free for the first three months and then for $ 13.

Final thoughts:

The products this company offers are decent and sound great for those looking for non-toxic cleaning products and chemicals for personal use! However, their prices for some items are quite high and can quickly hurt your budget!

Possibility of weak sauce! They have only four payments, and all four are low interest rates. Moreover, by finding pdf their compensation plan is difficult to fulfill for whatever reason, which is never a good sign. You can certainly generate income from marketing this company, however it doesn’t look like you are going to be rich anytime soon, and that’s the goal for most of us! To make money by helping others improve their standard of living!

The cost is affordable, but for a company founded in 1997, they should have more options to choose from! However, both kits include enough business materials, product samples, and training to get your business up and running right away! Plus, having a personal website for the first three months is good, and the cost of maintaining it isn’t bad at all! However, if you know how to properly develop such a business, a company’s personal website is a waste of money!

* Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with H2O At Home or their business / income opportunities!

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