Wall decor ideas to renovate your children’s bedroom

What’s the most affordable and best way to spruce up your children’s bedroom? Well, paying heed to walls! You might fill the overall space with plenty of elements but if you leave the walls aside, there’s no way the bedroom comes out to be as quirky as you would have thought. Adorned walls not only add a unique hint to overall décor but also affix an endless visual interest to any room. Right from glowing walls to classic cartoon-inspired characters- there is a fantastic range of themes and ideas available to garnish the walls of your children’s bedroom to give it a new dimension.

Here are Wall decor ideas to renovate your children’s bedroom

Glowy wall décor for the magical vibes

Renovating your children’s bedroom in a way that looks equally pretty at night as it appears during daytime is definitely loved by your kid. These glowy stickers are easily available in the market that looks striking in the daytime and transition luminously at night. You can never go off beam with this classic way of prettifying your children’s bedroom. Make sure to stick up a variety of stars, moons, and planets to smarten up the walls.

Revamp with animal-inspired stick-on

Do animals and jungles fascinate your kids like nothing else? Then, here is how you can embrace their love and help them speak about their adoration of wild jungle and animals. A jungle or animal-themed stick-ons that feature jungle safaris, cartoon animals, swinging monkeys, wall-size huge giraffes, and massive dinosaurs not only look cool in the children’s space but also help them learn about these savage marvels out there.

Revamp with animal inspired stick-on

The mappy wall decor

If your kid has the little traveler inside then adventure maps of the world work charmingly to captivate their attention while motivating them to learn more about the big-big world out there. Maps that feature each and every place not only assist in kindling an insatiable desire to travel in your little one but also beautify the entire bedroom in a very different way. You can also affix tiny ceiling light on the top for a magical look.

The mappy wall decor

Deck up with inspirational quotes

While the tiny kids love animals, barbies, flowers, and cartoons, if you are exploring ideas for the teens and tweens, then going an additional way can make them all happy. Teens and tweens would much better connect with the quotes or lines of poems from their favorite books. Moreover, if your kid is all about asking questions and has got a witty brain then you can deck up the walls with the quotes of their favorite personalities, inspirational quotes that they always chant or the images of world leaders or scientists to push them. Inspirational quotes like “Never Give Up” or “Dream Big” near their study desk will not only dapper up the room nicely but also helps in encouraging them to learn more.

Deck up with inspirational quotes

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