Washington Chamber Welcomes New Store Who Plans to Expand | KCII Radio

Washington Chamber Welcomes New Store Who Plans to Expand | KCII Radio – The One to Count On

The ribbon was cut Friday for a new Washington business with plans for expansion.

The Washington Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors congratulated Lynn Mckenna and her daughter Shelby on the grand opening of their business Lynn & Shelby’s Home Decor & More located at 219 West Main Street. The store sells vintage and other unique goods for home and garden, as well as a kids corner for which the middle school student Shelby is taking charge and learning the how-to’s of product ordering, pricing, and selling. Mckenna informed the ambassadors that their downtown storefront is just a temporary location before what’s coming, “We’re planning on building a business on our property across from Hawkeye Motel and they’re starting construction on that hopefully by the end of April. So then I will move this, when it’s ready, I will move it to that residence. ”

Mckenna hopes the new building will be ready for move in this fall where they plan to prepare and sell take-home casseroles, along with a drive through window where customers can purchase coffee and baked goods. Lynn & Shelby’s Home Decor & More is open 10 am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday.

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