We need this home store from Dollar General in Evansville

There is a new store owned by Dollar General that would be a big hit if they opened a location in Evansville.

We know all the people in our lives who love to shop for home furnishings, seasonal items, crafts and other household items. There are several places in Evansville that offer these items such as Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, At Home, Michael’s and more. However, there is another option out there that has not yet made it to Evansville, but it should!

Last year, Dollar General announced that it would open a new line of stores called “pOpshelf”. The new store has approximately 45 locations across the country, with the closest being Evansville located around Nashville, Tennessee. What is pOpshelf? According to a press release:

This new store aims to engage customers with a fun, affordable and stress-free shopping experience where they can find trendy seasonal and home decor, health and beauty products, cleaning supplies, party supplies, entertainment needs and more – with about 95 percent of items costing 5 USD or less!

Evansville is constantly growing and I think this would be another great addition to the Promenade area on Burkhardt Road. I think we all know so many people (maybe even you) who would frequent pOpshelf way too much if we had a place in Evansville. The company plans to open and operate up to a total of about 1,000 stores by the end of the fiscal year 2025, including about 100 additional stores by 2022. So who do we need to talk to about adding Evansville to that list of stores?

Check out a small example of what pOpshelf has to offer in the gallery below:

Check out Dollar General’s new home goods store, pOpshelf

There is a new store owned by Dollar General that would be a big hit if they opened a location in Evansville.

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