Wedding music around the world

Year Comes Pride can be played at every wedding you attend, but not all over the world. Wedding music traditions vary from country to country and even from one religion to another within the same country.

United States

Here Comes the Bright is still a favorite of the bridal aisle walker, but Bacheletbell’s Canon in De Major has become a close competitor. The songs include songs, popular music and classic music … basically whatever the couple wants, unless the venue forbids it. In the United States, marriages can take place anywhere, until a minister or justice of the peace holds the ceremony and formal documents are submitted to the government.


Like America, Year Comes The Bright is the song chosen for the bride’s entrance. English weddings are very step-by-step in tradition and tradition, so many brides can hire a lute. In the UK, marriages are legally required to take place in a church, often in a church. Like Americans, British weddings may have a mix of music, but British ceremonies are generally more traditional and formal.


Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major is popular here, with many traditional love songs used at wedding ceremonies in the United States. One thing that is different in Australia is the signing ceremony, which also includes music. At the end of the ceremony, the couple signed the marriage certificate while everyone was watching. British festivals may include musical instruments such as backpipes and dijeridu.


The traditional Japanese wedding is called Shinsen Shiki, which is conducted by a Shinto priest and shrine assistant. The bride and groom can wear a gown and ducks or a traditional Japanese wedding dress that includes a kimono and hakama. These traditional weddings use flute and drums. Both Henry’s Summer Candles and Dolphin Ring are popular wedding songs. Like American and British weddings, Japanese weddings include sweet love songs.


Although the Mexican wedding ceremony is intense and traditional, the reception is a full feast, with salsa and mariachi music all putting on their feet. Mariachi music includes a variety of music including guitar, drums and violin. The canon at De Major is also famous for the bridal procession here.


No wonder pack pipes are so popular at Irish weddings. Many couples choose to respect the rich heritage of their country, so Celtic music is very popular at Irish weddings. The Irish wedding song is often played at receptions and Danny Boy and the Irish Ice Are Smiling will always be popular at gatherings in Ireland.


White gowns have no place in Hindu weddings. The bride traditionally wears a beautiful red sari and hides her legs and arms in a henna tattoo, also known as henna staining in India. Music plays an important role in Hindu weddings and many popular wedding songs (including Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai) have been used in Bollywood movies. Wedding ceremonies and post-ceremony events are very engaging and last for a few days.


Provides musical background for all wedding ceremonies. No matter where your marriage is, the feeling of rich heritage will still be there. From Years Come to the Pride to Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, brides around the world celebrate their love with music.

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