What is an internal EPC? Let’s explain

What is EPC? EPCs are a chart that displays the energy performance of a building, they are now a legal requirement for any home sold or rented and should be available free of charge to anyone who requests them. In the EPC you will find “Actual” and “Potential” figures with a graph from “A” – best to “G” – least energy efficient, report with recommendations, information about the expert who completed the EPC, and figures related to the average current / potential operational expenses.

What is this for? EPCs were introduced by the government to allow home buyers or tenants to understand the performance of a property that they might be interested in buying or renting. If you were buying a property, you could use the information and advice provided by the EPC to reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long run.

What’s the difference? Since EPC is a relatively new stage in listing your property for sale / rent, not many people know what they do and what benefits they provide. Over time, EPCs will become much more standard practice and provide new homeowners with a wide range of information to help them save money or improve.

How much and for how long? EPC prices go up and down tremendously across the country depending on regional demand, in most UK regions you will be looking somewhere in the £ 50-80 region and sometimes more if you choose to instruct your EPC through your estate. / Handing over agent.

The EPC will last you 10 years and can be reused an unlimited number of times, which is convenient if you are a landlord looking to lease your property for an extended period.

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