What is negative marketing?

Negative marketing is not the most ethical way to market your product or company. Do you want someone to say negative things about you, slander your good name and ruin your reputation? Of course you don’t like it. Similarly, negative marketing is a ploy used by some marketers to prevent you from buying a competing product from another company in order to be attracted to their product. Doesn’t it seem fair that you don’t want people to spread rumors about you that aren’t true, do they?

Well, sadly this trick works for a lot of marketing companies as it captures their appeal and helps them to buy their products and services even though they dominate some consumers. So what does this mean for you as an individual or a company that you represent? Of course you don’t want people to spread false stories about you or your company. As a person your friends and family know who you are and stand by you, but what about the coworkers, colleagues and other people you encounter in your daily life? Of course, if you have a good reputation, it will be reflected in your behavior and the people who show a positive attitude towards you. The company you represent will have a good reputation for efficient customer relationships, philanthropy, numerous testimonials, and excellent high-value products that consumers need in the marketplace.

Negative marketing can attract the attention of skeptical consumers, especially given the fact that there are many scams and schemes online and offline these days. However, the company’s representatives are marketing negatively against other businesses or competitors, not painting themselves in a good light. Wise individuals and fellow entrepreneurs will look through the faਡੇade and soon realize that it is a scheme to entice them to buy products and services that they do not want or need. Wise consumers are always diligent and researching whether they want to compare products, investigate a business opportunity or seek guidance from a professional on a particular issue. Legitimate home business owners and small business owners will never resort to negative marketing. In addition to being unethical and unfair, it can raise legal issues, especially if a legitimate company decides to sue a negative marketer if the defamation remarks are false, baseless and misleading.

What do people think of you? What do people think of the company you belong to or market to? How you present yourself and behave in business is just as important if you are no more important than the company you represent. Painting your competitor in a negative light can call into question your intentions as an individual and the ethics of the company you are representing. In a world full of injustice and inequality, resorting to “cut-throat” methods may serve you in the short term, but in the end you will suffer in the long run.

So finally … how do you see yourself? Do you have a clear conscience when it comes to marketing your product or service? Ethical marketing may not be your natural inclination but honesty, practicing honesty, providing good value products and true customer service will always be a priority with conscious consumers. Here’s to being a Positive Marketer!

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