What you need for a vintage home decor

Vintage home decor is similar to traveling back in history with the help of rare antiques that have stood the test of time. Of course, it takes time to build a collection and compile it with the finest collectibles. Here are some key things to keep in mind when creating a vintage interior.

Antique furniture: Antique furniture never goes out of style and is without a doubt a treasure trove of elegance. The heritage of antique and vintage furniture in India comes from a cultural synthesis à la east meets west due to its colonial past. The legacy of Anglo-Indian furniture has really stood the test of time, made with the highest quality wood such as rosewood and teak. With intricate carvings that exude a timeless appeal, Anglo-Indian furniture pays homage to the virtuosity of its creators.

Ceramics: Ceramics, especially those from Asia, have always been a preferred object of decorative art. Wanted by collectors around the world, antique pottery celebrates the craftsmanship of different cultures and adds a touch of traditional sophistication to an interior. Satsuma and Imari have their origins in the rich artistic culture of Japan and adorn prestigious ceramic collections in the world due to their fine structure and outstanding depiction of oriental motifs including landscapes as well as flora and fauna.

Crystal object: An important accessory for an inimitable interior, crystal and glass objects is an important aspect of vintage interior design. Everything from chandeliers, floor lamps, decorative objects in crystal with artistic design, crystal decorations put a dazzling spotlight on the well-thought-out environment in one place.

Persian rugs: An important feature of Iranian culture, the textiles created in the region are cherished for their sumptuous colors and intricate patterns made with meticulous precision. Symbolic of luxury and refined taste, Persian rugs are extremely popular around the world.

Fine silver:
A classic element that is timeless, fine silver was synonymous with affluent and aristocratic households in society throughout history. Whether it is for practical use or decorative, fine silver objects give a glittering touch to an interior.

Vintage watch: Vintage watches personify technology and innovation. They perfectly complement the rustic beauty of antique furniture. Imbued with a robust old-fashioned charm, vintage watches are also a fascination among watch fans.

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