Where did all the roosters go? Let’s revisit the charming kitchen trend

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When you grow up in a Southern grandmother’s kitchen, you’ll probably recognize some quirks. There may always be an indescribable container on the counter. (Hint: There is leftover bacon fat.) There may be a cookie jar with her “world-famous” caramel cookies. What is there absolutely? One or another ornament, and for some reason, sometimes a rooster is involved.

At first it was a set of salt-and-pepper shakers. Then there was a kitchen towel. Later a framed cross stitch on the wall. Finally, the candy dish and the cookie jar. Roosters, roosters, everywhere. Perhaps this decorative theme dates back to the popularity of farmhouse aesthetics in the south. What started as a necessity in an agriculturally focused region developed into a fully developed design phenomenon across the country, partly (of course) thanks to what we want to call “Fixer upper effect.”

But, back to the roosters. This particular home decor trend was once fashionable, especially in the southern kitchen, but it has also always been a big part of the French country design style. (It is even a symbol of luck in Swedish tradition to have a rooster figure in the kitchen.) So the rooster trend goes back a long way. The humble icon adds color and charm to any space and can be used in many different ways, according to the list above. While some may say it’s kitschy, it’s hard not to have a special place in our hearts for the happy emblem. Why be so serious?

That is why we officially urge you to take back the rooster decor. It’s the opposite of boring, and this year maybe it’s time to add a little extra spice to your life. Change your bathroom from completely white to bold and bright. Paint your front door or your baseboards. Heck, hang a rooster porcelain installation on the kitchen wall. Everything is fair game!

To honor this good old-fashioned comeback, here are our top 5 rooster pieces to bring into your home.

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