Why are there so few camcorders used?

People don’t buy camcorders because of the “hassle of editing video.”

No editing needed when you shoot what you want and save short video clips.
(When the camera is turned off and on, a new file is created on DVD camcorders)
Play only on those who are at their best.
Change the playback order by renaming the video files.
That’s all!

Attackers on video forums clearly dislike the idea that unedited video can be normal.
They make it sound like you don’t have anything without editing.
Why a big lie / secret? (You have to edit – you don’t need to edit)

It doesn’t matter how many silly editing tricks you know or
mastered software systems. It doesn’t make the video better.
It might even make you worse. You can only do one thing: shoot or edit.
When shooting lots, the “law of averages” applies.

I even collect my worst footage.
I look at them from time to time, so I remember what not to do.
You can learn from your mistakes with the camera.

You can always shoot areas and edit areas in years.

Camcorder Wish List:

It would be nice to see a record light at the end of the eyepiece.
I am using the disk access light, but it is not immediately lit / lit.

Minor locking device on the zoom button. (does it change somehow?)

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