Why Aren’t All Smoking Accessories This Smart, Sophisticated, and Stylish?

There was a time when “having good taste” and “keeping a bong on display” may have been the setup for a bad joke. Thankfully, things have changed, and Session Goods isn’t kidding around about making sophisticated, sculptural smoking accessories you’ll be proud to own and use – and keep on display for all to admire. After all, these products deserve the same consideration as a fine whiskey decanter or your favorite vintage speakers: they’re items that project comfort and delight the senses. The brand’s Bong ($ 120 +) is a gorgeous glass centerpiece that evokes smooth, modern stemware and luxury lighting fixtures; just as visually attractive but made to be portable, the conical, tinted glass Pipe ($ 35 +) is fascinating to the eye and a breeze to take on the go. That old novelty ashtray on your coffee table is functional but does not compare to the ingenious, affordable Ashtray ($ 40) by Session Goods, which features a silicone lid that seals tightly, and an easy-to-clean, removable debowler. Keep things fresh and organized with the smart, stylish Stash Jar ($ 40); it features a built-in bowl stand, tightly sealing lid and a sectioned base for all your small equipment. Session Goods has just introduced three new colors too, so you can be sure the Bong and Pipe match your personal style as well as your home’s decor.

Price: $ 35 +


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