Why be a homeowner?

“Renting out provides a regular guaranteed rental income and benefit from any increase in the value of the property.”

The basics:

The National Landlords Association (NAL) landlords.org.UK and the Homeowners Association (RLA) rla.org.UK are good resources to find information.

Profit from property:

By investing in syndicates,
Property funds
Retail property
Buying and Selling

Guaranteed rental:

The property manager rents from the property owner for a long period of time, usually several months or even years. As part of the transaction, the acquirer provides the property owner with a guaranteed amount for the entire duration of the contract.
– Wikipedia

Property managers:

Through a wholesale contract, the management / management company can acquire new inventory to manage on a retail basis, increasing revenues. When purchased at the right price, these contracts can also increase your bottom line. – Wikipedia


If the property is not doing as well as predicted on the retail market, the manager is still obliged to pay the owner the agreed amount.

Real estate management companies:

As a landlord, you will not rely on constant tenant lookups, periods of absence between tenants, organizing merchants to service the property, and worrying about paying rent on time. Management companies will help you with this. They usually rent out properties for up to five years and also take care of all the maintenance. They offer guaranteed lifetime rent directly to your account so you can spend your time doing what you really want to do. They will do all the work for you and rent it out without any problems.

Property care

Rented to tenants with inventory at the beginning of the term. If necessary, they involve specialists for both regular and special maintenance.
They contact the landlord to obtain permission for any repairs in excess of the stated amount, and each time they charge a repair / maintenance fee, the landlord receives a copy of the receipt for accounting purposes.

Individual approach

Only the best tenants are selected, properties are reviewed regularly, and a close relationship is maintained with tenants to ensure the property is well looked after. A team of craftsmen and service engineers will quickly and efficiently solve any problems. There are no fees or commissions to pay, and no hidden fees. The proposal will be clear and transparent. It is unlikely that any real estate agency will give your property such “personal” attention.

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