Wooden Doors and Locks – How to Secure Wooden Doors

This guide examines the various wooden doors around and the best ways to lock them. Doors are the first priority in securing your home. It’s good to have a solid door, but most (partially) hollow doors have sufficient strength. If your wood door is obviously of a very low standard, you should consider a new door before spending money on lockouts. A carpenter can install quality locks when a new door is installed, and this can eventually save you money.

Many homes have locks installed by builders and do not require additional locks. If you can lock your door from both sides, you have a deadlock. This will meet your insurance company requirements. The idea is that if a burglar breaks in through the window it’s hard to get your stuff out if the doors are locked from the inside.

If you have a locked doorknob (entry kit) and want to make the door more secure, the best lock is the bolt. The sliders have a longer and stronger bolt than an entry set. The thick part retracts inside the door when unlocked, making it very simple to use as the door can be closed and unlocked. You’re also less likely to lock yourself out.

If you have an old-fashioned night latch (Yale lock), a replacement latch is best. A Lockwood or Whitco latch will usually fit in the hole where the night latch comes out.

The bolts lock automatically when the door is closed (unless the bolt is held back). The lock is suitable for busy homes where some people cannot be disturbed by using a key to lock the door from the outside. The double cylinder lock unlocks a key inside so the door can be locked or unlocked from the inside. It’s easier to lock yourself out with this type of deadlock.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, you should be able to get out of your home easily, preferably without the need to find a key. If you feel like you need to lock your door key from the inside when you’re home, either leave the key in the lock or have a key you can find easily (even in the dark). Double cylinder lockouts mean that if the glass inside or next to the door is broken, a thief cannot get in and open the door from the inside as long as the door is locked from the inside.

Security doors and peepholes are handy as you can see who is at the door without letting them in. Security doors are good for fresh air, but not as secure as a good wooden door with a lock.

Double wooden doors or French doors are best secured from the inside with concealed bolts or locking bolts. If the door is used as an entrance, the side that usually stays closed needs to be very secure, otherwise the effectiveness of any locking will be compromised. The best lock for double doors is Lockwood 355 as it locks both doors together.

There is often a balance between security and convenience when locking your home. Lockouts must be easy to use so that your home is both safe and secure.

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