Yes, Hobby Lobby is coming to Staten Island. But what can you buy there?

Hobby Lobby will open first NYC store in Staten Island

Hobby Lobby, which has plans to open a location in New Springville in 2023, is well known for its wide selection of yarn, often sold at discounted prices. (Photo courtesy of Hobby Lobby)Photo courtesy of Hobby Lobby

STATEN ISLAND, NY – When Hobby Lobby recently announced plans for an anticipated 2023 Staten Island launch, borough residents and craft lovers throughout New York City reveled in the news. An endless array of project supplies, exclusive categories of home décor and tons of kitschy holiday merchandise right here in our backyard? Yes, please.

But the uninitiated – those who have never before traveled over a bridge or two to get to the popular store’s closest locations in New Jersey or Long Island – probably did not understand the hype. Is there really that much of a demand for glue guns and ribbon in our borough? What other coveted goods does this massive retailer sell? To better understand Hobby Lobby’s widespread esteem, and to prepare for the debut of the New Springville store, the Advance / did a little investigating and curated a list of 10 of the store’s most intriguing finds. There’s still a year until the grand opening, but you can officially start making a shopping list now.

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