Your investment broker should take 5 steps to keep your surgery center in the best position for sale.

In order to get the best price when selling your Ambulatory Surgery Center, it is important to reach out and consider a wide range of potential sweaters – and do so in a systematic way at the beginning of the process. If you do not have at least a few solid and expressive alternatives, you have no advantage. And without leverage, the experienced negotiators of the buyer’s professional development staff will definitely benefit.

Negotiation analysts Roger Fisher and Harvard Program’s William Yuri made an in-depth analysis of what they called “the best alternative to negotiated agreement” (BATNA). An experienced and caring registered investment banker will look at BATNA not as a safety net but as a point of interest in negotiating the sale of ASC. By carefully and systematically communicating BATNA to potential buyers at the critical juncture of the negotiation process, your investment professional will put you in the best position, even if your ideal sweater is ready to go, deep. Pocketed or both.

Here are five steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

1. The ideal sales process consists of a two-step application process. It starts with an investment broker who understands the needs of the seller and wants the seller to transact. As a seller, your goals should guide and underpin the entire business framework. Some sellers are very clear about their sales goals, while others need more time and information before they can be sure of their desired outcome. Your investment banking professional should understand – and help you understand – the implications of different alternative Dell structures so that you can choose the best structure to achieve your sales goals.

2. After identifying the ideal outcome of your ASC, your investment broker should assist you in developing a confidential seller profile and confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement. An undercover seller profile briefly highlights your company’s attributes that are more likely to appeal to potential buyers. The purpose of an undercover seller’s profile is to provide an anonymous company description (in this case, yours). Once these documents have been reviewed and approved, they will be among the first to be provided to potential buyers.

3. Your investment broker should then begin to work with you to gather the information needed to prepare the seller’s memorandum. The Sailor Memorandum is the central marketing piece for the sale of your ASC. It provides a more comprehensive view of your company than an undercover seller profile. The Sailor Memorandum outlines your company’s finances, operations, management, strategy and ideally a financial model. It also puts your company in a proper context, with a full discussion of the relevant micro and macroeconomic forces facing the industry.

4. Your investment broker should then identify and highlight the specific characteristics of ASCs that are most important to potential buyers. Your seller’s memorandum should be written to identify and highlight these attributes, as well as to draw attention to the benefits and advantages that the potential buyer may not have considered before.

5. Once the Seller Memorandum is completed – or even during its preparation – the next step is to identify the most potential and most eligible buyers for your ASC, with emphasis on the word “qualified”. Is. Your investment broker should do a thorough research to identify the right buyers and investors. Registered investment brokers will have access to a public database of information – and, if they are an experienced professional with extensive experience in the embolic care industry, they will likely have a proprietary data warehouse.

During this critical period in the sales process, your investment broker should exercise utmost discretion and work with you and your other advisors to ensure that every contact with a potential buyer is timely and Content should be appropriate in both respects.

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