Your Real Estate Companion Coldwell Banker India

For over 100 years, a founding legacy and tradition has revolved around superior customer service and professionalism. The company remains at the heart of Coldwell Banker’s philosophy.

Coldwell Banker India is the Indian subsidiary of the world’s largest residential brokerage and advisory firm, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The company is renowned for its people-centered commitment to fulfilling the ideal home dream, and is committed to preserving more than a century of heritage found in 190 in North America. As part of a renowned international conglomerate, the company also wants to create an enjoyable home buying experience in India.

The face of real estate in India is changing frequently and new investment opportunities are opening up like never before. As real estate grows in global markets, the country is at the center of being an attractive investment destination. Nonresident Indians looking to reunite with their homeland have a variety of options to choose from. Banker Coldwell India certainly believes in the untapped potential of the Indian real estate market. Become a part of this emerging market by investing in this growing economy with Coldwell Banker India.

Coldwell Banker India provides many services for non-residents of India to ensure their convenience and comfort. These services include buying and selling services such as finding the right location that suits the needs of home buyers, finding the most suitable property that fits within the budget, and providing all the amenities a home buyer is looking for, helping to get the best deals. accepted by both the home buyer and the developer, providing legal advice and paperwork so that the buyer is not the one who works, but our sales expert doing all the work.

We also provide a sales service, whereby everyone gets the correct and most appropriate appraisal of the property, the right buyer for the property, the best possible negotiation for the property, satisfying the budgets of both parties, all paperwork, full and accurate legal advice and financial services.

When it comes to legal assistance, Coldwell Banker India and its staff are always available to get all the assistance you need, whether it is legal advice or tax advice, our staffs are always available to clients and provide the best possible service. In addition, we monitor registration work and stamp duty so that the buyer does not have to run out and do all the work alone; instead, our team of experts does so with dedication and law.

Coldwell Banker India also offers property management services that include tenant acquisition, property maintenance, repatriation and rental collection, and deposits. Basically, a home buyer doesn’t have to worry about anything if associated with us. This is our team of experienced professionals who will provide hands-on services and are available throughout the home buying process.

All types of home buyers can benefit from all of our services, whether local or Indian non-resident, Coldwell Banker India is ready to take all the challenges and make your home purchase as convenient and convenient as possible.

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